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Need to make Acoustic Measurements?

Face it, noise is everywhere in our lives and it is not going away! But that doesn't mean that noisy products are acceptable. Consumers buy products every day based on many decisions, including sound, which makes it more important than ever for you to develop ‘quieter’ or ‘better sounding’ products.

The SynNVA test system can help you make ‘better sounding’ products and comply with ever changing noise standards and regulatory requirements. SynNVA is a complete, easy to use acoustic test solution. SynNVA users can begin measuring product noise using industry standard analysis types in just minutes.

Applications examples:

  • Product noise testing

  • Sound Power testing

  • Noise control analysis

  • A / B listening comparisons

  • Environmental noise surveys


Functions and Analysis Types Supported

  • Standard Sound Level Meter functions like Leq, running Leq, exponential, peak sound level, per standards such as IEC 60651 and IEC 60804

  • 1/1, 1/3 and other fractional Octave Analysis as per ANSI and IEC standards

  • Narrowband FFT analyses including power spectrum, frequency response,
    power-in-band, and peak search

  • Time recording: Record, Playback, and Edit time data

  • Acoustic Intensity probe support

  • Sensor calibration support

  • Built-in function generator including chirp, white noise, band limited white noise, pink noise, swept sine, sine, sawtooth, square, etc. The function generator can output signal to National Instruments hardware or computer sound card.

  • Customizable band filters

  • A, B & C acoustic weighting

  • Report generation: copy and paste data or images to other applications

  • Export data to text or binary UFF58 files

  • Order Analysis: Gabor Transform, Order Power Spectrum, Order Waveform Extraction, Analog and Digital Tachometer Signal Processing

And the basic SynNVA system does not stop there; it is also a highly capable vibration analysis platform.

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