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Customized In-Line Quality Control Systems

Synave Tech’s SynQC test systems provide accurate quality control and defect detection on the manufacturing line, quickly. We help Companies improve product quality, reduce warranty costs and speed production line throughput by implementing better quality control of products based on customer defined variables like SPL, vibration, distance (flush & gap), temperature, voltage, current, strain etc. 

SynQC provides a means for the user to select multiple pass fail metrics. SynQC software can be further customized in order to meet user requirements for specific defect detection criteria. This is a completely automated process.


After acquiring data for some known good and some known defective products, the user tags the datasets for the defective products with specific defect names. As an example, the software automatically scans these datasets to identify frequency bands that provide the best separation between the measured spectra of all known good products and those with specific defects.

The system can be customized to integrate with existing test stands or be set up as a stand alone test system with user defined operator GUI.

Synave Tech’s SynQC core technologies are tailored to the customers test environment and needs. Synave Tech will provide stand-alone turnkey solutions if required, or will work with the customer’s in-house test team, or in partnership with the customer’s preferred test stand vendor.

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