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Real-Time Acoustic Imaging System

Synave Tech's Real-time Acoustic Holography Paddle Array System, SynPAD allows you to diagnose noise sources faster and more accurately. SynPAD allows you to make acoustics measurements and visualize acoustic pressure, intensity and particle velocity in real time with minimal set up.

The image on the right show a SynPAD paddle array facing an acoustic source and SenPAD software showing acoustic intensity in real-time

With SynPAD you can pinpoint noise sources for interior or exterior sound fields. The bottom line is that Synave Tech's tools give you a competitive advantage by delivering the insight into noise necessary to reduce engineering, warranty and quality control costs, design and build quieter products faster, and demonstrate that your products meet customer specifications in an objective, credible and easy to understand manner.

SynPAD utilizes a single or dual layered microphone array to measure acoustic pressure signals and calculate in real-time particle velocity or acoustic intensity on the measurement plane. The dual layer array is able to distinguish between incoming and outgoing acoustic intensity, an important consideration when there are potential noise sources in the field behind the paddle or the measurement is taking place inside an enclosed space such as a cabin interior.

A significant advantage of SynPAD is its ability to reconstruct noise sources down to very low frequencies, limited only by the low frequency limit of the microphones. In addition, it maintains high spatial resolution and high dynamic range, even at these low frequencies.

Sound Analysis and Visualization

SynPAD lets you visualize measured or reconstructed 3D sound fields and spectra. The user simply selects the frequency band of interest, scans the object of interest with the paddle and can instantly visualize on the PC screen sound pressure, particle velocity or Acoustic intensity on the screen. SynPAD's 3D Graph displays spatial distributions for pressure, velocity and intensity for any frequency selected in SynPAD's 2D spectrum graph. This same 2D spectrum graph displays the frequency spectrum of these parameters for any point in space selected on the 3D graph.

Data recorded with SynPAD can be further processed and you can integrate intensity over an area selected on the 3D graph to calculate the acoustic power for that area. You can also display an image in the 3D graph to visualize the acoustic parameters overlaid on the image of your test object.

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