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Record Time-Domain Data Accurately and Efficiently

Sometimes you just don't know what noise or vibration analysis type to use when you are working on a problem. Rather than making product test measurement only to find that you used the wrong analysis type or that you missed the event you were trying to measure in the first place, why not record the time signal and analyze it later?

The SynNVA test system allows you to record and store time signals while making realtime measurements of noise and vibration. By allowing you to perform analysis and record the time signal in parallel you can get the best of both worlds - the ability to observe product noise and/or vibration levels with the ability to process data later in more detail.

Time Recording Functionality

  • Simultaneously analyze and record noise and vibration data

  • Make real-time measurements on up to 16 channels

  • Simple one button Record and Stop

  • Realtime display showing overloads per channel with history

  • Event markers that help you put notes in to your data when something interesting happens

  • Create multiple layouts of different analyzers

  • Record meta data including text, images and voice annotations

  • Automatically recognize and configure National Instruments hardware

  • Export data to text or binary UFF58 files

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