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Be an Engineer not an Instrumentation Expert!

In today's competitive and high stakes product development world engineering is being challenged to:

  • Bring products to market faster

  • Reduce manufacturing cost

  • Make products more energy efficient

  • Lengthen useful product life

  • All with less staff and budget than in previous years!


The image on the right shows a microphone and an accelerometer measurement of PC projector using SenNVA software

With modern technology it is possible to address many of these challenges, but at the cost of turning engineers into instrumentation experts. Do you have time to become knowledgeable on every software and test instrument? Even if you could, what time would be left to interpret mountains of data, create reports, engineer a better product, and still go to every product development meeting?

Synave Tech understands these challenges because we are engineers who live with the same pressures.

This simple understanding is what led Synave Tech to develop the new Synave Tech Noise and Vibration Analyzer software: SynNVA. The SynNVA software is designed around a simple principle - be an engineer not an instrumentation expert. The software is integrated with National Instruments hardware and a variety of common sensors to make measurement, analysis and reporting quick and easy.

You need answers now to engineer a better product without spending hours making your measurement analyzer work.

We invite you to learn more about SynNVA. Contact us for a demonstration.

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