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Post Process and Create Reports Easily

Once you have collected data, either processed or raw time signals, it is time to do some real engineering! Analyzing the data to look for changes and trends, listening to signals, applying filters to isolate issues, and creating reports the way you like are all part of post processing. Unfortunately, countless hours can be wasted in post processing when you combine the many ways to post process data with a large number of experiments conducted or products tested.

SynNVA helps solve data management and analysis challenges with two powerful tools for post processing data. The first is a Time Editor which handles your time recordings in an intuitive and intelligent manner. The second is a Data Management and Visualization Viewer that allows you to look at different runs of data with a simple click of the mouse.

Time Editor

  • View time signals of any length

  • Zoom in on events and post process using FFT analysis

  • Apply filters to data for interactive ‘listening’ tests

  • Save filtered and/or trimmed data for further detailed processing

  • Export time signals to popular file formats for processing in other analysis software​

Data Management and Viewer

  • Store and view Meta Data with every measurement so you know what that data is and where it came from

  • Live cursors available on all graphs

  • Drag and drop data from multiple runs for fast A/B comparisons

  • Export data to popular programs like Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

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