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Vibration Analysis and Testing Made Easy

Excessive vibration can shorten product useful life, damage components, produce unwanted noise, cause product failures or result in costly and unnecessary repairs. Excess vibration may also create regulatory and liability exposure.

The SynNVA test system has a full complement of tools just for vibration analysis and testing. SynNVA provides a portable vibration analysis tool box with functionality that can make taking vibration measurements painless.

Application Examples:

  • Impact hammer testing

  • Machine vibration analysis

  • Hand Arm and Whole Body vibration

  • Vibration path analysis


Analysis Types Supported

  • 1/1, 1/3 and other fractional Octave Analysis as per ANSI and IEC standards

  • Narrowband FFT analyses including power spectrum, frequency response,
    power-in-band, and peak search

  • Time recording: Record, Playback, and Edit time data

  • Vibration level meter- rms, exponential, peak, crest factor, max-min

  • Vibration level with integration

  • Sensor calibration support

  • Built-in function generator including chirp, white noise, band limited white noise, pink noise, swept sine, sine, sawtooth, square, etc. The function generator can output signal to National Instruments hardware or computer sound card.

  • Customizable band filters

  • Human vibration weighting filters-hand-arm vibration signal, wholebody vibration signal, and low-frequency whole-body vibration signal

  • Report generation: copy and paste data or images to other applications

  • Export data to text or binary UFF58 files

  • Order Analysis: Gabor Transform, Order Power Spectrum, Order Waveform Extraction, Analog and Digital Tachometer Signal Processing

Once you have found your vibration issues use SynNVA to make your product sound better!

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